Mark R. Miller, Chief Listening Officer and Corporate Liaison

Trust Coach, Facilitator, Business Coach

Mark began formally facilitating business leader small groups in May 2008. His 27 successful years in Corporate American has shown him that there is a need to rethink how business is done, and regain the lost element of trust. Marks unique perspective on building marketplace communities founded on the core values of Trust and Truth has been the driving force in the development of the concepts of Cooperative Capitalism.

In early 2009 Mark also founded Godintersections.com as a result of what he was observing in the marketplace.  Godintersections.com is a vehicle for helping individuals and business owners Trust God with their lives and businesses.

Mark has been married to Glenda for over 30 years and they have three great children.  In his spare time Mark enjoys bicycle riding and officiating soccer matches.

Kyle Morgan,
Chief Community Officer; Collaborative Community Consultant and Coach

Kyle joined Cooperative Capitalist in 2010. He is passionate about building and connecting Collaborative Communities. Kyle seeks to facilitate new ventures, build strategic partnerships or simply find meaningful connections using the concepts of Cooperative Capitalism.  His passion for collaboration and community has created great friendships that impact lives.  Kyle’s enthusiasm and drive has been critical to moving the Cooperative Capitalism concepts to their current state.

Finding ways to be “better” at business has always been Kyle’s obsession.  He has been helping individuals start and manage their own businesses for almost 17 years.  “FireProofing your income” is Kyle’s original thinking regarding how to help people and businesses minimize the impact of challenging economic times by connecting to collaborative communities.

Kyle is married to Charlotte and they have 5 children. In his spare time he likes to “work more”, volunteer in the community as an employment liaison, and spend time with his family.


Joe Price, Collaborative Community & Intentional Living Coach

For over 25 years, Joe has been fulfilling his purpose of “helping people remove the constraints holding them back from living and succeeding Intentionally”. Whether it is business success, quality relationships, improved communication skills, financial independence, balance of priorities, or personal fulfillment and peace, Joe equips people with the attitude, knowledge, skills and tools to live and work “with and on purpose.”

Using the “Intentional Living System” as a model, Joe guarantees anyone can achieve the life they truly want. It has been measurably proven that individuals, team, companies and communities can intentionally achieve more than they ever thought possible when educated, trained and coached in these proven, powerful, practical principles.

Joe’s experience has been instrumental in further developing and defining the Cooperative Capitalist’s concept.  When Joe is not being an intentional Capitalist, he loves riding Goldwing motorcycles and helping people become more intentional in reaching their dreams.