Cooperative Capitalism: our Reality and our Success Criteria

Two of the primary responsibilities of a leader are to:

1.      Define reality for the venture you lead

2.      Define success for the venture you lead.

As the self ascribed leader of The Cooperative Capitalists community it seems like you might benefit from knowing my thinking on these two things.

The “Why” that drives my life is the opportunity to build Trust across people’s lives while encouraging Truth based Core Values. In the marketplace that leads directly to Cooperative and translates into building communities of business leaders that are willing to engage in improving their businesses (profitably and culturally) using these concepts.

Our Reality:

The reality is that communities (or organizations) of business leaders exist.  Actually many of them (think trade association, networking groups, mastermind groups etc).  And there are some that exist to improve margins (typically strategic partnerships).  But I have found few that exist for all three of these reasons:

1.      Improve margins

2.      Build Trust across the community

3.      Develop a Truth based culture.

So our reality is that we are promoting an idea that is pretty new and un-tested.  But I firmly believe it is an idea whose time has come.  It is an idea that counters the destructive capitalism of the last 25 years.  An idea that counters destructive capitalism NOT with increased government control but with freedom to make sound marketplace decisions built on Trust and Truth.

And I believe this idea can fundamentally change our marketplace.

Our Definition of Success:

Our initial definition of success is “we have succeeded when we are engaged in supporting 25 marketplace communities that operate to improve profitability, develop Trust (over time) and develop Truth based core values”.  Profit, Trust and Truth will be the operating system of the communities.  By this definition we have a way to go.

We currently have six such communities operating:

1.      CEO level roundtable ( )

2.      Business owners with employees roundtable

3.      Sole Proprietor  for Residential Contractors roundtable

4.      Christian Coaches Community ( )

5.      Dental Practice Marketing community (

6.      Intentional Collaborative Community.

To be honest, not all of them are running well.  But some are running great AND positively impacting the members.   And what a great laboratory for practicing what God is teaching.

Thanks for listening.  I would love to hear your thoughts.