God Intersections, Cooperative Capitalism and Poland

The last three years have been quite a journey.  Many of you have made that journey with me.  I have appreciated the company and the encouragement.  The highlights of this journey have been many but three stand out:

  1. God Intersections – the concept that as we turn over responsibility for our life and business to God, He will lead us by the Intersections He creates on the journey
  2. Cooperative Capitalism – the idea that we can positively impact the marketplace by building communities of capitalists built on a foundation of Trust, shared values and a common purpose (which includes but is not limited to profit)
  3. Poland – the God Intersection with Gabe Phillips of www.WorldVenture.com that is providing the opportunity to share God, Cooperative Capitalism and Truth@Work with business owners in Poland.

The reason for my note is to share with you that the intersection of the above three highlights has been consummated in the form of a marketplace mission’s trip to Poland.  As a matter of fact, as you read this note Gabe, myself and Glen Reiley will be on our way to Poland to share God, Cooperative Capitalism and entrepreneurship with Polish business leaders.  We really have no idea what to expect from the trip.  We have half a dozen meetings set up, reservations in Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow and little else.  We go with the assurance of the living God that He has a purpose for our visit.

We ask your prayers and thoughts over the next week or so, not so much for our safety and comfort as for the ability to see the God Intersections He will create during the trip.  I have never been this far out on the limb of life with just God.  While it certainly feels strange it also feels really right.  Like this is the way I am supposed to go.

Thanks for reading.