Poland Trip Update Day 5

Fellow Cooperative Capitalists and Poland Trip Followers,

Day 5 – It has been a struggle to update the blog as the days have been long and filled with wonderful movement of the spirit. Thursday we arrived in Poznan, Poland to an airport greeting by Mr. Dan Laskowski and he escorted us to the hotel and began showing us around the city. We crashed after 35 hours of being up and began a Friday in rested fashion. God is clearly raising up Polish business for his cause in many different ways. We have met believers (individuals, couples, and families) who resonate with the notion of God as the center of their business, and how God is directing them in business operations. Some are looking for work, some are building Godly principles into their business and personal life (Crown Ministries) and still others are wanting to start business’s that build a foundation on the word of God and His core values. This is exactly what we were praying for, and now we just have to wait and see how these intersections lead us to his plan for us.

We shared a wonderful Sunday AM service with believers in Warsaw (just blocks from where Cheryl and I stayed with the girls and Preston 2 years ago) to see how God is raising up the church within Poland. Tomorrow is a spiritually challenging day for the guys as I host them at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The camp is a piece of history, one that cannot be forgotten, and one that helps one to understand not only the plight of the Jewish people but of the Polish people as well. This is an opportunity to learn and connect with this culture at a deeper level and will give a new level of understanding to what they experienced at the Warsaw Uprising Museum about the war and the decimation that took place here (along with the psychological warfare waged upon them).

Please continue to pray as we seek more intersections with the Polish community over the next few days and thanks for your prayers to date.  We have been very fortunate to have had much favor and safety on this trip. The notion of God in business is still new to lots of folks (not foreign however) but God is moving in their hearts and minds.   We believe will will see people more willing to understand that building communities built on trust and truth can be valuable not only in our marketplace but for the greater eternal cause as well.

Dziekuje Bardzo (Thank you very much),