The basics of becoming a Cooperative Capitalists

Cooperative Capitalism is based on the idea that building marketplace communities by STARTING with TRUST and aligned principles creates value beyond just starting with a profit motive or a great idea.

Click here to watch a video on the basics of becoming a Cooperative Capitalists.

Cooperative Capitalists in Poland

We are taking the principles of Cooperative Capitalism to Poland May 18-29, 2011. We will be traveling Poland meeting business leaders and determining interest in building communities of Trust and Truth inside Poland.

To hear a message from Gabe Phillips, our trip leader, along with some pictures of Poland please click here

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How do I participate?

Trying out a community of Cooperative Capitalists is the first step. You can either form your own community or join one of our existing ones.

To form your own community:
1) Watch the video on the principles of Cooperative Capitalism
2) Find some like minded folks
3) Hold your first meeting

To see a list of existing Cooperative Capitalists Communities click here.

Cooperative Capitalists in the USA

We are active in Phoenix Arizona as well. The C3 Alliance, a community of business coaches is sponsoring a Cooperative Capitalists Workshop. This workshop will use a small group format to unpack what Cooperative Capitalism is and how you can use this new business model to improve the profits and viability of your business.

Click here to learn the details about our next Cooperative Capitalist Workshop